About Raymond Weil

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Swiss watch-making is considered the finest in the world. For years the fashion-world has come to know and love the faces of other Swiss designers like Tag Heuer, but the up-and-coming Raymond Weil is making waves in high fashion and accessorizing with art.

Geneva-based, Raymond Weil is one of the few remaining independent Swiss watch makers to hit the modern market. The corporate face of Raymond Weil is fairly young despite the company being established in 1976 – their debut on the world-stage is far more recent: 2007.

Picture of Charlize Theron in a Raymond Weil watch

The lovely Charlize Theron sporting a Raymond Weil as their celebrity spokesperson.

Raymond Weil’s motto is “Independence is a state of mind,” a bold statement from a company that epitomizes the strength of will needed to survive in the scrutinizing environment of luxury watches. Despite being so young, the brand is already known for the elegance and comfort of every item in their collection. Whereas many companies prefer to design their watches in 14 karat gold, Raymond Weil is known for 18 karat with the inclusion of 18 karat pink gold in certain models. They favor the leather strap and polished metal links in their wristbands and quartz finish – all signs of their devotion to quality and willingness to compete with their well-established peers like Gucci and Cartier.

Several of Raymond Weil’s collections indicate fondness for the arts with iconic names such as Don Giovanni and Parsifal, which is little surprise considering that Raymond Weil has just announced a partnership with the Support VH1 Save the Music Foundation. Paired with the sleek and luxurious designs of their watches, the company’s image is one of sophistication. Their advertising campaigns feature men and women framed in formal black and white or dusky muted colors; it evokes the sense of mystery in their models and, as their campaign motto suggests, the deep places of the mind where creativity and our understanding of beauty exist.

Perhaps one of the best things about this new brand is that, like all foundling enterprises, the Raymond Weil watches have started at very modest prices. Now is the perfect time to sink in a few investments and acquire any of the original sets before this rising star of fashion becomes big-name and their watches begin to reflect those price tags. For now, you can pick up their starting line for between a modest $400 and the more common $1000. Depending on their middle-man vendors, you can receive further discounts, but that depends entirely upon the vendor, as Raymond Weil’s starting prices have not changed often over the years.